The Micah Corps Journal

This blog has been created so that the Micah Corps can relay stories, news, events, and generally “what’s up” to those who are interested in following or joining in on the journey. Each social justice team will have a link located on the left sidebar in which they will periodically blog and update. Please feel free to explore the posts and give your feedback; but first, what is the Micah Corps?


The 2015 Micah Corps

The Micah Corps is a summer internship program that is sponsored by the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church.  The program has been founded on the principles of Micah 6:8, “Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God”.

The five main areas of focus are immigration, peace and nonviolence, poverty, food security, and the environment. The interns spend time studying each issue in depth and work with different organizations to learn, share, and discuss action for mercy and justice. Amidst learning, they spend time actively raising awareness by speaking to communities and individuals.

Different prayer methods are practiced throughout these months so that the interns may take their knowledge and apply it at a deeper spiritual level. In this way, the response to social justice issues becomes of one entity with faith.

The Micah Corps internship is a program hoping to grow much larger in years to come, as our world is in great need of young adults discussing social justice issues together and learning how to take action in loving and purposeful manners. This opportunity continues to be available because of the  gifts and offerings of our gracious supporters. Thank you, all, for putting faith in our goals! Applications for the 2015 Micah Corps are closed, but stay tuned for the spring of 2016 for online applications for summer of 2016.


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